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  Timeline of the Nuclear Age 1960s  1960

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France explodes its first atomic bomb in the Sahara desert. It has a yield of 60-70 kilotons.

A mass protest against the civil defense drill, Operation Alert, takes place in City Hall Park of New York City.

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev pledges support for "wars of national liberation" in an address to the United Nations.

The USS George Washington, a submarine, successfully launches a nuclear test missile from water.

A radar malfunction causes the central war room of NORAD to receive a top priority warning from the Thule, Greenland Ballistic Missile Early Warning System station, indicating a massive missile attack has been launched against North America.

The United States launches its first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), Atlas D.

The United States deploys the Atlas and Titan Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

The Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff complete SIOP 62. This war plan calls for the launch of more than 3,000 nuclear weapons--including hundreds of hydrogen bombs--to attack, in the first few hours of conflict, a thousand separate targets in the Communist bloc.

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